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Top 16 Small Cities In Florida


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A part of Florida’s fabled Treasure Coast, Vero Beach is a progressive small town of just over 15,000 residents. According to Wikipedia, It was somewhat unique in serving as the easternmost coastal home of the westernmost major league team of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1948 to 2008.

Piper Aircraft calls Vero Beach home and, according to its website, is the area’s largest employer, adding to the city’s revenue base that includes the citrus industry and tourism. Piper was founded in the area in 1937 and has produced more than 130,000 aircraft in the area. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the tour of Piper facilities, available by reservation on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Long a popular destination, the city’s government took an early lead in developing and enforcing stringent development codes. This gives the community an almost retro feel, reminiscent of days long gone for many. Nonetheless, there is plenty to do in Vero Beach, from enjoying stunning beaches to visiting the Spoil Islands.

There are a number of historical sites, museums, and annual cultural events, including major shows at the J.M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art. Many retirees are attracted to the area because of the idyllic lifestyle and central location. The proximity to the Indian River Lagoon makes Vero Beach a popular eco-tourist destination, offering what its website calls the most environmentally diverse river area in North America.

One of the world’s premier ocean conservation sites, the Ocean Research & Conservation Association ORCA was founded in Vero Beach by globally-known Dr. Edith Widder. According to its website, the purpose and work of the Institute is the reversal of marine ecosystem degradation along shorelines and makes the River Lagoon area a popular spot form many environmental scientists.

Kayak and canoe rides are a popular activity here and on the nearby Sebastian River’s jungle waterways.

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National magazine taps Vero Beach as a top retirement spot

By Janet Begley on

It's happened again. Another Indian River County city has made a national magazine's list as a top retirement destination.

The January/February issue of Where to Retire magazine includes Vero Beach among towns to consider for retirement.

It is included it in a story called "8 Tempting Low-Tax Towns," which profiles retirement regions, towns and planned communities with low tax burdens for retirees.

The magazine, which has a nationwide circulation of 200,000, hits newsstands on Dec. 20.

The magazine's editor, Mary Lu Abbott, said it is important for retirees to consider state and local taxes when relocating.

With no state income tax and a 7 percent sales tax, Vero Beach comes in as an attractive place to live. Other factors considered in the research include activities for seniors, proximity to good health care and low housing costs, she said.

"In considering where to retire, it's important to look at the total tax impact a particular town will have on your retirement income," said Abbott. "In states that have no income tax, you may encounter higher local taxes. Levies vary widely among towns and sometimes even neighborhoods within an area. A low-tax town can save retirees several thousand dollars a year. 'Where to Retire' research shows that Vero Beach is among towns with a lower-than-average tax burden on retirees.

That comes as no surprise to Helene Caseltine, the director of economic development for the Indian River Chamber of Commerce.

She said property taxes in the Vero Beach area are among the lowest in the state, making it attractive to businesses as well as retirees.

"When you consider other factors like activities, access to health care, low housing costs and cultural activities, it is a beautiful place to live, work and retire," said Caseltine.

Generally, relocating retirees are healthier, better educated and more affluent than those who choose not to relocate. They bring significant economic benefits to their new states and hometowns. Nationally, two dozen states and hundreds of towns seek to attract retirees as a source of economic development, Abbott said.

Other areas noted in the article include: Port Townsend, Wash.; Kalispell, Mont.; Ashland, Ore.; Carson City, Nev.; Oxford, Miss.; Abingdon, Va.; Portsmouth, N.H.

In October, Sebastian was included in a list of "Cheapest Places to Retire" that was compiled by certified public accountant Thomas Corley from the Rich Habits Institute in Rahway, N.J. He cited low housing costs as the reason why Sebastian, Stuart in Martin County and Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County should be considered top retirement destinations.

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